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What does your doormat say about you?

This is a question so many of you must be asking yourselves! When you buy a doormat it can go two ways:

  1. Practical – How will I make visitors wipe their feet as they come in? What size will fit my door frame snuggly? How long will this door mat last? – I want a quality item.
  2. What is going to make people laugh or take notice when they walk through my door for the first time? I love to entertain the masses.

The options on the market these days just keep getting quirkier and quirkier. There is pretty much a doormat to match every personality going. This piece explores those personalities and how accurately they are reflected in their doormat. Hopefully, everyone will think twice before they buy their next doormat. 

The Traditionalist

I love my home and am happy to welcome you into it...

Traditional Doormat

It is always nice to know that you are welcome when you step into someone’s home and the traditionalist makes sure that you know you are. These people will likely have strong values and a keen awareness of social conventions. They will want to make you feel comfortable and content in their family orientated home. Conversely, they could just have bought the first bargain doormat they came to so I would take everything you assume about this person with a pinch of salt. 

The Flatterer

I love guests and I am a great host 

VIP Doormat

The entertainer who likes to make a statement. They are up with current trends and like to add a touch of luxury to their guest’s experiences. Treated like royalty you will be showered with offers of exotic drinks and canapes and invited into a admire but do not touch parlour. Or, they aspire to be the rich and successful Queen or King of their circles but in reality only have the doormat to suggest they are anything other than completely normal, absolutely nothing to report here, but you have got to have dreams haven’t you? 

The Entertainer 

A trendy doormat that let’s you know what’s what. They are straight talkers, probably with a dry sense of humour that you will either get or miss completely. Expect plenty of sarcasm and quick retorts when you step into this property.

Come in and Go Away Mat

Of course, they could also mean what it says on the mat and that is precisely why they bought it. No sooner have you stepped in to their home they are wishing you would just ‘go away’. We cannot all be sociable people!  


I love Christmas and if you step into this house I expect you too as well! 

christmas inspired homeware doormat

Lots of people decorate their homes with trees, lights, tinsel, card displays, wreaths and perhaps even a nice Santa ornament or snow scene. Then there are people that have cushions, coasters, special Christmas mugs and crockery. These are the ones that will want you to know the moment you set foot into their homage to Christmas that they are true believers and they absolutely ban any negativity towards this wonderful season. 

Or, they have kids or a big kid inside them that cherishes Christmas and rather than expensive and quite garish Christmas lights they have opted for a rather suave, fun and controlled display of their Christmas spirit. 

This House Believes Doormat 

The Escapist

Sea or coast loving free spirit in this case  

Shoreline Doormat

The escapist is always thinking of their next adventure and home is more of a stop gap as they carry out their dreams of travelling the world. You may get a specifically themed mat based on the location that has a special place in their heart. The escapist’s home will be full of clutter from what they have collected through the years or perhaps they are not materialistic and live in a minimalistic habitat, opting to spend their money on holidays.

The flip side could be that they are obsessed with a theme, like a sea faring mat above but they have never actually been anywhere. They obsess about possible adventures and collect lots of items related to their hobby. Hopefully, the doormat will act as a reminder of their ambitions and one day they will take the plunge and go and do it! 

The Moustache

I'm utterly bonkers (or have a moustache...)

Moustache Doormat

Outrageous statements like this moustache doormat suggest a larger than life character resides within, so prepare for a whirlwind visit. They will likely be full of character and like in a controlled state of chaos. They may be a cheeky, fun loving, impulsive, risk taker that embraces every opportunity that comes their way. Or, they are a man with a moustache – simple but effective styling of the man with his domain. 

The Open and Honest

I am a little cheeky but you know that about me

we love this funny doormat, excuse the mess

Drawing attention to the fact, off the bat, that their house isn’t the tidiest you will have entered. They probably have busy lives, a family, and cleaning has zero chance of becoming their priority. They tell it how it is and are not ashamed of a bit of mess, it's part of who they are and a simple fact of life.  Or they are simply trying to alert a close friend to the fact that their house is a pig sty and have run out of ways of telling them. Showing them their new doormat is a last ditched effort to reach them on a subliminal level, fingers crossed! 

The King or Queen of Practicality

I am practical and like to get the job done. Simples! 

Plain Doormat

If you’re greeted by a blank sheet of beige, don’t expect thrills and spills on the other side. This person has provided what is necessary and nothing more. A tough and robust doormat without an ounce of personality so people can wipe their feet thoroughly without distraction. Either that or their hallway is that garish, bright, bold and colourful that a simple plain beige mat was the only thing that would actually go with their decoration.

Whatever your choice just keep in mind what people might be thinking about you. Of course, you can plough ahead without a single care in the world because at the end of the day it’s your house and why should you give a damn about what anyone else thinks? Happy doormat shopping everyone – make that purchase count!