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How Your Friendís Personality Can Influence What You Buy Them


Buying the perfect gift for a friend can be a real challenge. There are so many different options to choose from and you want to get them something that will really impress and make their day. One aspect that you should consider when you are choosing gift for a friend is their personality. What kind of person are they and how will this affect what you buy them?

Gifts for the Introvert

What kind of gift would be idea for someone with an introverted personality? This is someone who feels energised by quiet, reflective pursuits and enjoys spending time by themselves. They are not necessarily a loner, but they do feel more comfortable with a small group of friends than at a large party. They are often deep, introspective and compassionate people who have a lot to say when you take the time to listen.

If you have a friend that has introvert aspects, here are some potential gift ideas to suit:great book of ideas

  • A Kindle – thousands of books at their fingertips for quiet reading time.
  • Offer to babysit their kids (if they have them) for an afternoon or even a weekend, so that they can enjoy one of their favourite hobbies in peace.
  • Stress relieving bubble bath or scented candles.
  • One of their favourite TV or film box sets or games to enjoy


Gifts for Extroverted People

An extroverted person is someone who is energised by interacting with others. They still do enjoy time on their own, but they really sparkle and thrive when they are in a group. They are social, friendly and love to talk. They are almost always the life of a party.

Here are some ideas for gifts that an extrovert might love:

  • Unique and cool jewellery, t-shirts, hats or other accessories in their style.
  • CDs or a portable speaker for a smartphone for when they entertain – host parties
  • A photo album that is annotated with all the moments last year when they have stood out/sparkled
  • A great poster that suits their interests or who they are (like ‘The ultimate drama queen’).

Gifts for Organised People

Do you know a hyper-organised person? This is someone who has a day planner and always has several appointments, meetings and other events highlighted in different colours of pen. They like things to be planned out and they really appreciate structure and detail – which makes them very efficient at getting things done.

Here are some gifts for organised personalities:

  • A spice rack – the perfect gift for the organised person who loves to cook.
  • A backpack or purse with plenty of different compartments.
  • A beautiful leather bound or fabric bound address book or organiser. Theirs gets a lot of use, so why not upgrade to a nicer model that will last longer?
  • A quirky calendar that will spice up their organised work ethic and amuse them


Gifts for Spontaneous People

On the opposite side of the spectrum to organised people are those who avoid any sort of organisation. When they have a day off they don’t often make a “plan” for what they are going to do and usually just “go with the flow” and “see what happens”. They keep their options open and they thrive on possibility and new experiences – which can make their lives unpredictable but certainly very exciting.

Here are some gifts for a spontaneous, flexible person:

  • A gift certificate for their favourite store, so that they can have the fun of choosing for themselves.
  • A backpack with everything they need for an impromptu trip including a change of clothes and a toothbrush. You never know when an adventure might occur!
  • A season pass for something they enjoy, such as live theatre, cinema, sports, etc. When they feel like catching a show on a random Thursday they can just go for it!

Gifts for Creative People

Do you have a friend who is very creative and imaginative? They love new ideas and they are always working on a different project. They might be an artist, writer or other creative profession or they might just pursue their craft in their spare time. They love letting their mind wander and their creative juices flow and the ideas that they come up with never cease to amaze you!great takeaway menu organiser

Here are some gift ideas for the creative person:

  • A beautiful notebook or sketchbook that they can record their ideas in.
  • Tickets to an art show, theatre performance or other event in their favourite genre.
  • Supplies that they need for pursuing their craft, whether that is paints, wood carving tools or baking utensils.



Gifts for Analytical People

Some of your friends might be the logical and analytical type. They love to read about subjects that interest them and gather as much in-depth knowledge as possible. They really enjoy discussing and debating points and they have a very rational, well thought out perspective on the issues being talked about. They love mind puzzles, strategy games and brain teasers and they are absolutely fascinating people to talk to. They won’t enjoy silly and sentimental gifts, but would prefer something useful and practical.

What would an analytical person enjoy as a gift?

  • A subscription to an excellent magazine with well-written articles about their interest area, to keep them well informed.
  • An online course or educational software – they will love the opportunity to learn something new.
  • A Rubik’s Cube, a book of Sudoku or any other brain teaser that will keep them scratching their heads for days.
  • A beautiful chess set or other strategy board game or card game.


These are just a few gift ideas that you can consider for the friends and family members in your life with different personality traits. Of course, personality is complex and multi-layered and your loved ones might reflect more than one of these traits – so many of these gift ideas might apply to one person.

However, hopefully when reading these descriptions you will have recognised someone you are shopping for and it has inspired you to give them a thoughtful and enjoyable gift. Remember, the most important thing when giving a gift is taking the time to choose something special for the person that reflects who they are so that they will use it in the future. Try not to shop for only the things you like because we often attract friends that are quite different from ourselves.