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The Top Ten Costumes to wear this Halloween


There is always an abundance of choice when it comes to selecting the perfect Halloween costumes. But what is perfect? Are you going for:

  • Sexy/Sultry

  • Scary

  • Spooky

  • Funny

  • Gruesome

  • Girly

  • Naughty

  • Traditional

These things matter. If you are a funny guy then the banana man outfit will be an ideal match. If you are single and have one mind on pulling this Halloween then sexy will be higher up on the agenda. There are traditional costumes that drape you in velvet and can make you look as though you have just stepped off a Hollywood stage. And then there is the minimal approach, couple of eye holes in a sheet and you have the simplest ghost outfit ready to go!

We know all of this and yet it is always tricky picking out the perfect costume for you. So we have compiled some inspiration to help make your Halloween outfit a bit of a spectacle. Here are ten costumes to help you own this Halloween on the 31st October.


What will you wear?


1. Zombies

The walking dead will always be a popular theme especially if you can get a group together dressing in a similar fashion. Lots of blood and disarray are the order of the day.

2. Witches/Wizards

Halloween would not be what it is without witches and wizards – made even more popular by Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings themes.


3. Jesters

For a bit of humour there are tons of costumes to choose from including clowns, various evil fruit and vegetable ensembles, giant alien, swamp monsters, and teen wolf outfits. If you wish to lighten the mood then there is plenty of laughter to be had with some wacky threads out there. We chose the Jester theme because every party needs a jester.


4. Pumpkins

What other time of the year is the humble pumpkin held in such high esteem? Give the veggie its moment and you can either dress to impress or go for comfort and leave a little space for extra chocolates later.


5. Masquerades

The dark lord and lady of the ball give you the opportunity to dress with sophistication and swagger. If you want to go all out and add a little class and luxury to an occasion then masquerading is a heritage rich contribution to any gathering.


6. The Addams Family

There is always Wednesday, Gomez, Lurch and Cousin Itt to choose from as well as the featured Uncle Fester and Morticia. Just a fun and original approach to a Halloween do that everyone recognises and likes to spend time guessing the names of. They do not all come with their own catch phrases though -‘You rang’. 


7. Vampires

A favourite and a classic. The vampire, Dracula, and gothic theme is still going strong and there is plenty of versatility with the choice of outfit. You can go grand, bloody, short and sexy (maybe not one for the guys), tall/dark and handsome (there you go guys), or budget. If you slick your hair back, buy some fangs and drip a little blood down a nice dress/suit then you are pretty much there. 

8. Bones

SM-24618 Skeleton Glow in the Dark Second Skin

A simple costume with a fair amount of variations these days from baggy bone suits through to skin tight morph bone outfits. This is another one that can cling to muscles or be more of a onesie style fit. You can also get bones that glow in the dark which looks great at a disco!

9. Ghosts

SM-28913 Ghost Town Undertaker Costume

Yes there is always the sheet over the head with two holes for eyes and one for the mouth or nose cut in. Or, there is just about any slightly greyed/aging outfit combined with white face paint and a white wig. Hey presto you have a very classy ghost that is trapped in limbo looking for justice…or revenge!

10. Devils

Add a bit of fire and fury to the occasion by donning some red threads. You can go as devilish as you want with horns, forks, talons and masks, or you can do a soft take with red horns and a pointy tail. One of the original Halloween ensembles that is popular with both sexes.


Let us know what you decide to wear and why – we would love a picture. Halloween seems to be gathering momentum every year, and why not? Go out there scary, sexy, serious or silly and have yourself a fun evening of entertainment. Here are some of our products in case you need to spruce up your house of the occasion. Happy Halloween!

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