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Some Extremely Affordable and Pleasantly Quirky Retirement Gifts

When it’s time for an esteemed work colleague to ride off into the sunset of a well-earned retirement, their friends and colleagues are always keen to mark the moment with a suitable gift. Although, as basketball coach Abe Lemons once said: “The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off”. To make sure that every day is enjoyed, let’s look at a range of suitable retirement gifts from our choice of over seventy terrific ideas here at Gifts from Handpicked.

• Keeping them in the picture

retirement gift, photo frame for perfect memoriesHow about a terrific retirement themed photo frame? Insert a pic of the team the happy retiree is leaving behind. Then, each morning at nine (if they’re up) the newly-free can stare at it for a moment before the thrill of realising they don't need to go into work that day. You might even prefer to choose a vintage styled frame to remind them of times passed. 

• Things to do, places to be, people to see

As the individual enjoys casting off the shackles, releasing their shoulder from the wheel or nose from the grindstone, they’re going to need help in keeping track of their busy social life. How about a message or pinboard to help with this? There’s a terrific champagne coloured choice with the message “Time to drink Champagne and dance on the table” printed on the canvas centrepiece. A “let there be lists” notebook might also help! 

• Tempus fugit

vintage clock perfect for the homeExtremely loosely translated as “time goes so much more slowly for those still working”, a clock is a traditional retirement present for many. How about one in the style of a vintage pocket watch? There’s also the option of a Gisela Graham shabby chic or a natural wood perpetual calendar – much better fun after you’ve escaped from the endless drudgery of work!

• The signs of things to come

We have a choice of helpful message plaques to choose from. Each will allow the recipient to let the world know about their new priorities and location. Examples include: “My garage is my sanctuary” - "A bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work” – “Life’s too short to drink cheap wine” or “Retired and happy spending our kids inheritance”.

- Half time break -

Before we carry on with more terrific retirement gifts, here's a chance to rest for a moment and contemplate some other words from the famous on this subject. Comedy writer Gene Perret suggested: “Retirement is wonderful. It's doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it”. Bill Watterson, the creator of cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes reckoned that: “There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want”. Finally, before we return to gift-gathering, a sadly unknown author said, “The down side of retirement is having to drink coffee on your own time.” Now, back to these terrific gift ideas...

• A remembrance of times passed

bluebell placemats perfect gift or kitchen table decorationWith some terrific gifts available nostalgia actually is better than it used to be! Here at Handpicked, we have a range of terrific coasters and placemats celebrating traditional jam roly poly, fish and chips, banger and mash and spotted dick and custard. It’s often said that as you grow older you regress back in time – these will certainly help stir the memory. 

• Useful in so many ways

Many of the gifts we’ve talked about thus far have a tinge – or more – of humour. So let’s look now at a few charming but also useful gift choices from the more than three score and ten on offer. A herb tray with tin or terracotta pots could encourage some dormant gardening instincts to grow even in the soul of a true townie. There’s a quality Happy Jackson metal tin, decorated with sewing terms, ready for needle, thread and the rest to be stored. Or the same idea for a few small gardening seed packets or accessories. There are some really handy cotton tote bags, and a Bright Side sunshine metal flower jug (for all those retirement bouquets). Finally, in this selection, there are racks and storage boxes for everything from keys to letters and photos.

- Final thoughts -

voucher for gifts from handpickedThere's even more to choose from, and with most of these terrific gift ideas costing between just £4 and £20, you can gather a mountain of them with the cash you’ve collected from colleagues. You can even chuck in a few of our Gifts From Handpicked gift vouchers to allow them the fun of choosing some for themselves.

Although we’ve been talking about the retirement of work colleagues, remember folk also give up voluntary posts as well. Then, you’re surely going to buy something for mum and dad, gran or grandpa when they escape to the sun-kissed fields of “being able to look after the kids for us”! Happy retirement to all!