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The history of gift giving dates right back to Roman times, but is still just as popular today - both for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, as well as just for the fun of it. 

With weddings, it's thought that the tradition of giving gifts began with the dowry - a tradition that is seen today as pretty outdated. In times long ago, it was families who arranged weddings between their children, generally as a way of merging family fortunes. A wealthy groom's family would offer the parents of the bride a share of their family business, money or land as a kind of payment for their daughter's hand in marriage, while the bride's parents would provide a dowry - generally consisting of linen, china and the other household items that would be needed for the couple to set up home together.

Some elements of this tradition haven't changed, with many couples still asking for household items as wedding gifts via a gift list. A gift list allows the couple to create a list of the things that they need or would like, meaning that they won't end up with multiple toasters or crockery that won't suit their tastes. 

However, not all couples who are about to tie the knot choose to have a gift list - some do things that are very different. Some couples will ask for financial contributions towards a honeymoon or other expense, while others will choose to ask for donations to a charity instead. Some couples may even say that they're not interested in receiving any gifts whatsoever.

We all know that weddings are expensive for the couple and their families, but they can be expensive for guests too. Travel, accommodation, new outfits and more can all add up - and gifts can add to that bill. You don't have to buy an overly extravagant gift, though: choose something unique and affordable, rather than more generic, and you'll not only save yourself money, but your gift will stand out too.


Unique and Affordable Gifts


Unique and affordable are definitely two great words to describe the range of wedding gifts available from Gifts From Handpicked, whose thoughtful and memorable gift selection includes a whole range of products that you won't find on any gift list. 

In the wedding gift collection, you'll find plenty of ideas that will serve as beautiful, personal treasures to celebrate and commemorate the special occasion. If you're a budding photographer and are planning on taking plenty of snaps at the wedding, how about the East of India Wedding Photo Album, which you can fill with your own shots to give a different view of the day to the one captured by the official photographer? You could also choose something like the Amore 3D Letters Mr & Mrs Frame, which you can either fill with your own pictures or leave the couple to fill with their choice, giving them a great reminder of their special day to hang on the wall.

For more treasuring of memories, you could opt to give the Peel & Sardine Wedding Keepsake Storage Tin, which will give the couple the perfect place to store memories of their wedding day. Or, for the romantic couple who seem like the breakfast in bed type, go for the Gisela Graham Grey French Vintage Trays - a unique gift that will encourage them to keep the romance alive. 

Gifts From Handpicked offer a huge range of alternative, unique wedding gifts at affordable prices - the perfect way of showing how much you care about the couple without going over the top.