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Giving the teacher of your child a gift at the end of term or school year, as a small token of appreciation for all their work, is a custom that millions of parents follow the world over. It can be tricky finding the right balance between wanting to say thanks without overdoing it. Teachers deserve your gratitude, no doubt about it, but if your gift is too ostentatious the reason for giving it could be misinterpreted. A simple gift is probably always better than a lavish one, even if money’s no object. It’s also worth thinking twice before giving the teacher a gift ‘just because’ – that could definitely be seen as trying to curry favour for your young one. In some cultures, where teachers are poorly paid, this may not be so much of an issue, but not in the UK. 



best teacher east if india mini hanging heartTeacher Gifts Should Not Cost the Earth

Giving the teacher a gift is a lovely idea but is best left until the end of the school year when something simple and thoughtful, or light-hearted and humorous, is perfect. Of course, there are other occasions when it’s perfectly acceptable to give the teacher a present, such as when they retire or leave to go to another school, or if they’ve been involved in an accident, had a period of ill-health, a birthday - special circumstances, in other words. Plus, we start from just 95p so it won't cost much at all!



How Teacher Gift Custom Began

teacher rules, great gift idea for teachersThe custom of giving teachers a gift is nothing new. A shiny red apple, traditionally given to teachers on the first day of school rather than the last, is not something you often see in schools in the UK. The practice is believed to have started in Scandinavia in the 16th century, when it was common for farming families to give gifts of food to teachers by way of payment and apples, or potatoes were the most abundant crops. The custom was taken to America, where it is still practised in some rural areas, but even there is largely dying out. The only classrooms where you’re likely to see an apple being left on the teacher’s table these days, is in Hollywood movies.



Say Thank You at the End of Term


So, the end of the school year is nearly here and you want to show your appreciation to your son or daughter’s teacher. A small, inexpensive token of thanks is ideal and Gifts from Handpicked have got loads of great ideas for a present that will send them off on their summer holidays with a smile on their face! The best teachers are the ones who put their heart and soul into the job and a ‘Teaching is a work of heart’ plaque is a fun way to acknowledge their effort.


gisela graham if you can read this photo frameA touching message on a tasteful wooden plaque, decorated with a smiling teacher, is perfect for them to hang on the wall at home! Another plaque, slightly bigger this time, carries the thoughtful words ‘Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning’. Staying true to the classroom theme, there’s also a set of four mini chalkboard plaques, each one with a different message, ‘The influence of a good teacher can never be erased’ or simply ‘Top teacher’. Or you can combine a more traditional ‘thank you’ card with a removable wooden plaque, both for less than £5. All of the above gifts are thoughtful without being in the least bit showy.



A Few More Ideas...

Say thanks with a retro tin mug for ‘A great teacher’, and there’s also one specially designed for the teacher’s assistant. How about adding a touch of humour with a ‘midweek wine fund’ collecting tin or a ‘teachers confiscation’ tin, both costing just a few pounds? If you do want to spend a bit more, you could opt for a classroom staple – the waste bin – but one is made from vintage wooden rulers. A scented candle is a nice way of saying thanks, as is a set of memo pads, a teacher photo album or a simple coaster, with the message ‘Keep Calm I’m a Teacher’

Gifts from Handpicked have a wide selection of inexpensive presents that will show how much you care, without going over the top!