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Garden Parties - Take a Garden Gift Instead of a Bottle of Wine


As the weather gets warmer, the number of garden parties that our friends and family will invite us to grows. As with any invite to someone's house, it's always good to take a gift - but bringing along a bottle of wine, crate of beer, bunch of flowers or box of chocolates starts to get boring after a while. Instead, why not take the host a garden gift as something a little different, and as a gift that will keep on giving? 


Garden Gifts for Every Budget


There are many different types of garden gift available, making them a perfect present option for anyone with outdoor space. Whether the recipient is a green fingered grower or prefers to simply use their outdoor space for entertaining, you're sure to find something that will suit their needs and their personality. You'll also be able to find a great gift to suit your budget - there is a huge range of garden gifts available for around the same price as a decent bottle of wine. 


If you're buying for someone who loves outdoor entertaining, why not take them a gift that will help them to create their perfect garden party? You could consider buying a gift that will help them to serve food and drink outside, or a gift that will help to create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining. 


All Bases Covered!


baking cover for lovely foodThose who enjoy hosting garden parties and alfresco meals or drinks evenings may well appreciate a gift that will help them to entertain even more easily. Think about the major problems (apart from rain!) that come with hosting outdoor get togethers - why not buy them a gift that will help them to overcome these issues?


One such problem is that of the wind blowing things away, with paper napkins one of the items that tend to escape the quickest. As a solution, how about buying a shabby chic napkin holder, which not only weighs down napkins to keep them from being blown away, but looks fantastic too. 


The other main issue with dining outside is that of keeping insects and birds away from food, as well as protecting it from dust and dirt. To keep food protected when dining outdoors, why not buy your host this beautiful gingham heart food cover, which will keep food protected with no problems. 


For Green Fingered Hosts...


If your host is a keen gardener, there are plenty of ideas for small gifts that will impress and inspire. Storage options are always useful for gardeners - but that doesn't mean you need to buy them a new garden shed! A simple tin to keep scissors, twine, seeds and other small items close at hand and to prevent them from getting lost is a great gift - why not consider something like this mini garden shed tin, which comes complete with handles, making it easy to carry to different parts of the garden when needed. 


Gisela Graham Tealight HolderAlternatively, why not give them a decorative gift for their garden instead? Make sure that you know their tastes before buying, so that you don't end up giving them something that won't be used. Things like bunting may suit some but not others - but you could also go for gifts such as tealight holders, which come in a wide range of styles to suit all tastes. This hanging bottle tealight holder is a great alternative to bringing a bottle of wine, and will look fantastic hanging in any garden. 


While taking a bottle of wine for your garden party host is the easy option, why not consider a garden-related gift that shows more thought instead?