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Shabby Chic Gifts for All Occasions


The shabby chic trend is one that looks set to continue, popular in both the domestic home and commercial environments such as cafés, restaurants and tea rooms. With so many people embracing shabby chic in their homes, it makes a great alternative gift option - no matter what the occasion. Here at Gifts From Handpicked, we've got a whole host of shabby chic gifts to choose from, whatever the reason.

come in we're open door signIf you're buying for someone who's moving into a new home, you won't want to buy appliances, crockery or other items that they might already have. Buying a shabby chic new home gift gives you a wealth of options to choose from, for all different rooms of the house... and the garden too! You could buy something like a letter rack or a plaque - go for either decorative or useful, depending on their needs. 

We also cover wedding and anniversary gifts, from picture frames to commemorative tins for "big years", along with a great selection of gifts for teachers that will be more exciting than the traditional box of chocolates at the end of the school year! If you just want to say thank you, say it with one of our charming friends mugs, or celebrate a retirement  with one of our inspirational quote gifts. 

At a baby shower, the mother-to-be will be swamped with clothes and rattles, so our stunning ragdolls or first year memory scrapbooks will create a great gift that will keep them smiling from the moment they are opened. If you just want fun gifts that are different to the novelty gifts that you normally see year in, year out, then gifts like our novelty sneaker socks  are sure to fit the bill!

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