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Quirky Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

Darling, happy anniversary...

This is the first line from a Slim Whitman hit song from many years ago. If you are looking for a terrific gift to celebrate a wedding or other romantic anniversary, here’s a chance to consider some selections that are slightly different from the normal, but still show the tender and joyful feelings you’ll be eager to express. By this we don’t mean either a power drill and a list of jobs to be done, or a scrubbing brush and kitchen gloves. For such choices we do offer first-aid tins and boxes!


When “another year of love has gone by”

east of india fabric board with button detailThe second line from the song. You occasionally read of couples who send each other the same anniversary card each year with an extra message added to it. Here’s a thought on a similar theme. Why not present your loved one with a different heart every time? It might be woven fabric one year, a pearl and crystal twig heart the next. Perhaps a heart-shaped picture frame or a even a shabby chic notice board. All could add to a growing “heart wall” as the years pass!

Along the same lines, you might start a collection of wall-art “message pieces” – with “Always kiss me good morning”, “Love will keep us together” or “Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be” amongst many styles and choices. A series of “...amazing years of amazing you” options are also available for 10 and 25 years and other significant anniversaries. A third choice is a series of our stunning picture frames, perhaps with significant photos from the past twelve months already in place. These include Love Letters and Mrs & Mrs themed choices, amongst many others.


Wrapping-up now

Before we finish, don’t forget to make use of our extra touches such as beautiful red kraft wrapping paper, delicate ribbons, and tags. As American author Mignon McLaughlin once said: “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”. These gifts are a great way to show this still to be true for you.

ribbon accessories perfect for gift wrap