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The Rise in Popularity of Shabby Chic Gifts


If there's a style that sums up everything that the current decade is about, then shabby chic is it. A quick Google search (or a stroll through a craft market if you're lucky enough to have one locally) is enough to see that gifts made in this elegant and effortless style are everywhere.


recipes box perfect for the familyWhat is it that makes shabby chic gifts so popular?

Maybe it's the feeling of recycled opulence, the idea that something doesn't have to lose it's beauty just because it gets weathered or distressed. Then again, maybe it's just the personal touch. It's the little imperfections in a gift that make it one of a kind, after all, and shabby chic is all about the little imperfections.

Since it was invented, shabby chic has only grown in popularity. It started out as a niche interior design style in the late 1970s, but by 1992 it was popular enough to have it's own entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Now, according to a recent survey by an online dictionary, the term 'shabby chic' is so popular that more than 85% of people use it regularly.


grey shelfShabby Chic Gifts: Perfect Imperfections


It's no wonder that it's caught people's imaginations; shabby chic combines the best of so many different styles. Beautiful to look at but easy to take care of, comfortable yet classy, shabby chic items make the perfect gifts because they combine the love of something homemade with the indulgence of something luxury.

From funky place settings to distressed photoboxes, vintage Christmas tree decorations to wooden Easter eggs, the huge rise in popularity of shabby chic gifts means there's now something for every occasion (and every person too).

Shabby chic gifts don't wait to be loved, they show you how to love them from the start. Maybe that's why everybody seems to love them back.