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Alphabet Placemats and Coasters by Bluebell 33

Coasters and place-mats always make welcome gifts, as they are both practical and attractive, adding a dash of colour, personality and charm to a room. They make a thoughtful house warming present as they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and give new home owners the perfect excuse to invite their new neighbours round for coffee. They are also a wonderful choice of gift for those friends and relatives who are notoriously difficult to buy for. There is such a wide variety of appealing styles and designs that you can always be sure of finding a set that’s perfect for them. In fact, many people collect several sets so that they can use different ones on different occasions. 

Bluebell 33 placemats and coastersBluebell 33 has created a delightful range of high quality novelty coasters and mats for everyone from your favourite Twitter addict to the resident royal in your life. If you want to encourage drinkers of beer, wine, gin or even champagne to use a coaster rather than placing their glass on your table, they have a subtle coaster shaped hint that should do the trick. Bluebell 33’s charmingly retro alphabet place-mats and coasters would add an inspired touch of fun to the table setting of any dinner party as they could be used to spell out words or simply to indicate seating arrangements by placing a coaster with each guest’s initial next to his or her plate.

Any of these lovely Bluebell 33 mats and coasters in our collection would make the perfect gift for a special occasion such as a wedding or a birthday. However, these cheerful and colourful designs would also make a charming thank you present or a fun gift to bring to a dinner party. Your host or hostess may even want to use their new coasters straight away, so be prepared to stay on for coffee.



keep calm and tweet me coaster