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quirky easter bird huts The Same Thing Every Year

I don't know about you, but I'm a bit tired of the big, shiny, plastic and cardboard-packed chocolate Easter eggs. They seem to be bigger and more garish each year, and I find myself wondering how anyone can ever manage to eat that much chocolate! Also, the health conscious among us are perhaps a little wary of handing out massive chocolate eggs to all and sundry at Easter time. 

So View the Gifts From Handpicked Easter Range!

You don't really want to be giving out large chocolate eggs at Easter, but you don't want to not give gifts at all... So what do you do? Gifts From Handpicked have some fabulous alternatives on offer, and prices start at just £2.99. There really is everything to choose from here, from hand painted wooden eggs to chenille chicks, Easter wreaths to shabby chic Easter blocks.

Everyone loves to receive a gift, and a gift that will last for years to come is a special treat and something to be treasured by all.


Easter Gifts and Decorations

These are beautiful Easter gifts with intricate designs and decorations that will capture the heart and imagination. The site includes everything you could ever need to decorate an Easter tree, and even an absolutely beautiful mini tote bag for children's Easter treats which is brightly decorated and perfect for storing eggs and other treats in.


yellow twig tree easterEaster Trees!

There are several different types of Easter tree available. You could even start a tradition of giving a different Easter tree decoration each year; a lovely idea and something that will last a lot longer than even the biggest collection of chocolate eggs.

There are several different designs of painted wooden eggs, all gloriously designed in beautiful colours, and some tin ornaments as well which are both unusual and delightful. Many of the decorations look good enough to eat!


Easter Wreaths

The Easter wreaths are a lovely idea, and a great way to brighten up a home as Spring dawns. After months of cold, wet winter, we all need cheering up, and what better way than to present a friend or loved one with a beautiful wreath to go on a wall or door, made from fine twigs and speckled eggs.


These Gifts Look Good All Year Round

The colours and mood of Easter have become so bright and garish over recent years; which is fine when most of the money goes on packaging and ends up in the dustbin! These gifts are all about muted pastels and beautiful designs; something that will stand the test of time and still look beautiful next year, and for many years to come.

yellow easter chicks