Alternative & Quirky Valentines Gift Ideas!

10 February 2014  |  Admin

Blame it all on Geoffrey Chaucer!


Apparently, the first written reference linking love and romance to Valentine’s Day was in a poem created by Chaucer to celebrate the anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II to Anne of Bohemia. The line in question (in modern language) tells: “For this was on St. Valentine's Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.” This may have been an error. A better translation would be: “...when every soul visiteth Gifts from HandPicked to choose a love token”. Or maybe not, but as we’re on the subject...


angelic hen dear darling please will you... pegThe Best Place for Valentines Gifts...


If you are looking for alternative and quirky Valentines Day gifts, this is the place to be. Over fifty terrific choices, starting with an “If you live to be a hundred...” card or framed picture from East Of India. It’s followed by a message of enduring love – just in case you weren’t sure! Or there’s an Angelic Hen “Dear darling, please will you...” message peg. At least it would help you know where your instructions would be!



Gisela Graham, Clarke & Clarke, Brightside...


There’s a selection of delightful Fabric Hearts from Clarke and Clarke and Gisela Graham, or a Bright Side “Yep Still Hot” compact mirror (we promise not to tell if you buy one for yourself). Gentlemen, if you feel an act of bravery is called for, simply treat her to a Really Great News picture frame featuring the headline “After longest engagement in history, couple finally weds”. Unconnected information: you can find a Mini Home Hospital Tin elsewhere on the website!


gift vouchers fro gifts from hadnpickedWhen Ideas Fail: there's Always Gift Vouchers!


Back with Valentines, there are many picture or photo frames to choose from or how about quirky Shabby Chic Heart Bookends? You know, if all else fails, there are Handpicked Gift Vouchers from a fiver to a hundred pounds. Sometimes, the best gift is in your having the sense to let your loved one choose for themselves! Whichever – happy Valentines...


all you need is love east of india cushion

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