Alternative & Quirky Gifts For All!

Thursday, 9 January 2014  |  Admin

Don't Let Choosing A gift Cause you Stress!

For something so simple, choosing a gift often seems to cause more anxiety than anybody anticipates. Even if it’s not a huge deal, suddenly in the middle of searching you can find yourself questioning just how well you know even your closest friends and family. We have gifts for everyone: Men, Women, Baby, Friends, Children, Grandparents and even Pets!. 

We have the standard issue photo frames (albeit very thoughtful , tasteful ones!) and picture albums but we do a whole lot of different things. Quirky and interesting gifts are the way forward and put a smile on the face of any recipient!

Don’t worry; we’ve got a couple of suggestions to start you off. 


Gifts For Men. 

man cave perfect for the men in your life
What do you get them besides beer? What if they don’t drink? Socks? Not the most inventive choice, but it’s easy and he can wear them in the Man Cave. Every man knows about the Man Cave. A mythical place spoken of with awe and mockery, like the temple of a low-functioning Illuminati group. If you’re stuck for a quirky gift for a guy, try the Bright Side Man Cave Plaque. It’s simple and every guy appreciates, with sheepish embarrassment, that yes: it exists. More to the point, it’ll last longer than beer or socks, and raise a smile every time he sees it. 


Gifts For Animals Lovers.

great gift idea for pets, spoil your catMaybe you know the kind of person who detains friends, acquaintances, the postman and absolute strangers passing on the street, with lengthy sermons on the qualities of Mr. Snuggles and the adorable hairball he produced yesterday. Continuing with the vague theme of territory, try a Spoiled Rotten Cat Lives Here Photo Frame. What’s more fitting than a proud declaration of ownership and a frame for a cat picture, for a creature that is well known for both its territorial nature and incredible vanity? And their cats are just as bad. 

Don't Buy Boring Gifts!

Hopefully this gives you a couple new ideas and draws you away from the usual gift choices. After all: worse than receiving a boring gift is giving a boring gift!

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