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All year round Christmas Gift Shop - Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day


Twas the night before Christmas...

Your tree decorations are placed to perfection, your decorations are hanging just right, you’re sat by the fire sipping hot chocolate and gazing into the twinkling lights and flickering flames beneath a blanket. It’s not difficult to see why Christmas is many people’s favourite time of the year. But why does it have to be over so quickly? Why can’t it be, in the words of Wizzard, Christmas every day
gingerbread snowglobe christmas 

All Year Round Christmas. 

Christmas could well be a more frequent occasion if you are creative enough to incorporate it into an event! For example, let’s skip back to that cosy fireplace scene set but moments ago; could there be a more romantic wedding theme? Christmas wedding themes are becoming increasingly popular, with fantastical ice kingdoms, romantic log fire receptions and twinkling fairy lights providing stunning backdrops for many momentous occasions. Imagine a beautiful kitsch advent calendar to count down the days to the big day. Snow globes could replace traditional floral centrepieces, and gifting personalised tree decorations as party favours for your guests would make a great talking point, both throughout the evening and each year when it takes pride of place on their trees.

Christmas Themed Parties and Weddings! 

In a similar vein, Christmas themed parties are also popular all year around. No other theme gets people in good spirits better, and even the staunchest of Christmas Grinches would find it difficult not to melt into the festive atmosphere. Of course, Christmas themed parties open up a whole realm of fancy dress possibilities from Crazy Granny Christmas elf jumpers, to their reindeer character counterparts. Gingerbread houses could sit on tables ornately beside fantastic Christmas lighting. The possibilities are truly endless.
Why does it have to come just once a year? Make those gifts and ideas for life, not just for Christmas! Let’s face it; it should be a crime to only be able to wear fairisle patterned jumpers for two weeks of the year.
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