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16 December 2013  |  Admin


Gifts for a Reason, not just a Season!

It’s easy to think only of Christmas gifts at this time of year – and you’ll certainly find a captivating range of touching, clever, quirky, and funny, choices here at Handpicked. But...

Presents: When it’s More than just Christmas time....

special birthday 21st perfect
You might (just) feel sorry for folk whose birthday is near to the end of December, but they probably don’t really want a combined present (that’s what a “thank you” through gritted teeth really means). If it happens to be a “special” birthday, some extra thought might even be in order. So, how about an “Amazing You” hard back book to celebrate an 18th, 40th and so on? You can take time to add some memorable photos and messages (using the pages of funny captions we’ve thoughtfully provided). When presented in its keepsake tin it will mean so much more because of the effort you’ve taken.
Lots of folk get married around Christmas - although guys probably still need a reminder about their anniversary! Having received one, and for cold winter days, how about treating your sweetheart to a Red Woolly Hot Water Bottle with a heart-shaped centre?

Saying a Bright Cheerio

If the kids are moving on to a new class and leaving a special teacher behind, instead of the traditional box of choccies, a charming wooden painted blocks calendar with “No.1 Teacher” marked across a big red apple might hit the spot.
Should a colleague be cheerfully retiring it’s okay to be envious. So, perhaps a “Let there be Lists” notebook for all those little household jobs he or she will finally find time to get round to completing?

Gifts For Every Occasion:

lovely little mini person book
Just a few examples of occasions and suggestions for gifts. We haven’t had time to get round to christenings or new homes, or simply to say Then, before you know it, Valentine’s Day is looming and Easter is just round the corner. Luckily, Handpicked have hundreds of terrific gifts for all those special moments and occasions when: “Here’s a tenner, get yourself something” simply won’t do!



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