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Not Just an Apple for the Teacher: A Guide to Gifts for Teachers

Whether it was advising us on making the right career choice or helping us to finally understand a tricky algebra sum, most of us have had a teacher who has made an impact on our lives.

The Tradition of Gifts for the Teacher 

Since the beginning of time, people have passed their skills, traditions, values and wisdom to the next generation, making teaching one of the most important and well-respected professions in existence – and surely one that should be rewarded.
Many teachers will describe the job in itself as rewarding, but it’s important that we show our appreciation with a little something extra every now and then.
In reference to the biblical story where Eve eats an apple from the tree of knowledge, it’s always been traditional for students to give their new teacher a shiny fresh apple on the first day of term to thank them for passing on their knowledge, and while it remains a sweet gesture to this day, there are some more inventive gifts you can give to show your gratitude.

Thanking Your Teacher in Style. 

teacher gift idea perfect for end of termFrom traditional presents like desk tidies, bookmarks, paperweights and notebooks to novelty gifts including ‘best teacher’ mugs and humorous coasters, popular brands like East of India and Gisela Graham offer some great ideas.
But why only treat your teacher on the first day of term? Those who have ever been given a present out of the blue will know that it can mean more than when there’s an occasion because it shows that the person has been thinking of you without being prompted.
So whether it’s Christmas time, the last day of school or you passed a test with flying colours, why not mark your appreciation for your teacher with a special little something?

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