Gifts From Handpicked

Unique Retro Gift Ideas For Kids.

Choosing children’s gifts with a real sense of fun

Is it fair to say that there are only so many computer games that a frowning teenager can play? Or that you need an alternative for your toddler or youngster once they’ve watched their favourite DVD for the thirty-seventh time?
To add some extra fun this Christmas, how about going all retro on them? Here at Gifts from Handpicked you’ll find a terrific collection of fun gift ideas for kids that don’t need to be either plugged in or booted up.

Terrific for Teenagers

random crap tin box perfect gift idea
Fantastic gift ideas for troublesome tear aways! How about some socks that look like sneakers so that they can feel cool as they slouch around the house? Test their sense of humour with a 1970s laptop notebook. Yep – it’s actually a notebook. Then there’s an autograph book specially designed for collecting signatures from their school friends – they could even print out selfies and stick them in as well! Melt their seemingly stony hearts with a warming hot water bottle. There’s even a tin for random bits and bobs – should be filled more or less instantly!

Perfect for pre-teens

There’s also some terrific ideas for your younger models. Who wouldn’t love drinking out of their own fire extinguisher? How about a blue fabric heart-shaped notice board for the bedroom wall? There’s a cowboy on a clock, a wooden folding play-cooker, and a bear in a music dome. 
Maybe a wallet for a young lad which is protected by soldiers, or a suitcase for a really short holiday (go on, you know you want multicoloured letter cushionto take a look), or a couple of pirates on a door plaque. Everything your little boys and girls could ever want... without knowing it!

A proper sackful

There are over 170 different items to choose from. You’ll probably be able to afford two or three for less than the price of just one of those expensive computer games. So, come on, let’s partly retro fit your kids’ Christmas this year...