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Schools Out!


The Summer Holidays Are Approaching

It’s that time again! End of term is just around the corner. For the kids that may mean endless lie ins, late nights and days out! For the parents maybe not so much!

But not forgetting the much-needed rest for all those hardworking teachers out there who shape our childrens future. Gone are the days of an apple to say thank you, although nothing wrong with that!   Why not show your appreciation and treat your child’s favourite inspirational teacher to a gift they can treasure forever.

We still remember our favourite teachers now, and then saying goodbye when we moved on! Whether your child’s going back to another class after the summer holidays, or even to a new school, say goodbye with our gorgeous array of teacher and teaching assistant gifts.

We’ve picked our top 3 favourite gifts for teachers!


1)      We love this ‘Best Teacher Owl Trinket Box’

This cute hinged wood effect box is decorated with a wooden owl with a Best Teacher heart.

The box is opened using a white heart with the words Odds and ends attached to a rustic twine. These keepsake box’s will sit in classrooms all over the country!!

owl trinket box, teacher keepsake box, teacher keepsakes

2)      This new in Sass and Belle ‘I'm A Teacher What's Your Super Power?  Notebook’. is a super cute stylish notebook with gold detailing with printed I'm A Teacher What's Your Super Power? Makes for a lovely practical end of term gift. We have a matching set of pencils, mug and trinket tray in this lovely design too!

sass and belle notebook, teacher notebook, thank you teacher,

3)      These have been a best seller since we started up over 10 years ago now!

Our ‘Modern Teacher Notebook 'Totally Brilliant Amazingly Awesome Teacher Ideas' is a lovely fun notebook which contains 36 plain pages, just perfect for a teacher to store their notes and thoughts – I’m sure there’s a few!

totally brilliant amzing awesome teacher ideas notebook


Lots of Fun Ideas For The Summer Holidays


Spending time with the kids in the holidays will be great. We’ve come up with 5 great ideas to entertain the kids this summer.

  • Are you and your family music fans? A great idea is to pack a picnic, head out to some free festivals which are based around the Country every summer and just chill out in the sunshine. In your local area or further afield there are ideas on the Money Saving Expert website.


  • You can’t beat the cinema on a rainy day in the holidays...and they’ll be some for sure! ( Although the summer of 2018 looks promising to be dry!! ). Odeon do special mornings on a weekend at discounted rates and cheap meal deals for kids! Or better still have your own movie day at home. Draw the curtains, buy a big bag of popcorn and it’s like the real thing. You could make it even more realistic with our ‘Luckies Black Smartphone Film Projector’



  • Every heard of geocaching? This is a great way to get out and about and hunt for hidden treasures around where you live, or whilst on holiday. Usually box’s full of little miscellaneous objects, you find the cache using clues on the app, replace a toy of your choice with one of your own for example a cracker toy, a coin, a button anything you have on you, then log it on the app and on to find another one. A great activity which will keep the kids entertained for hours - and it’s completely free.


  • Theme parks are always a winner! With different ones placed all-round the country you’ll never be too far away from adventure. With different aged theme parks; from smaller children’s parks to big roller coaster theme parks for the older children. There are always lots of discount codes online too. Like 2for1 with special promotional packs, and discount if you book early.


Schools out for summer, enjoy it! We will back with some great ideas for going back to school, but for now enjoy no school runs, no homework and no uniforms to wash and iron!!