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BBQ Accessories For Him | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

BBQ Accessories For Him | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Who doesn't love a good BBQ? We know that we do! Whether you like being out in all the action, cooking up your favourite meats and meals, or if you prefer to stay away from all the chaos and just like eating the food afterwards. We still have some items for you! Included in this blog is essential accessories that we think you'll need for a BBQ, some of them make great gifts for men, as well as women. You can also find some garden ware accessories on this blog which are useful to use year after year. 


Gentlemen's Hardware BBQ Playing Cards - Birthday Gift Idea For Men

BBQ Playing Cards Blog Banner

Up first on our BBQ accessories we have this fantastic novelty item which would make the perfect birthday gift idea for a man in your life. This set of cards comes complete in a wonderfully designed tin, decorated in black and gold for an almost luxurious feel. These cards are specifically made for playing in the garden whilst you are waiting for your BBQ to cook. Who will be the king of the grill? Each card within this set includes tips and tricks about BBQ's. Making sure that you will be a BBQ pro in no time. Get the whole family involved with these cards, they are ideal for summer nights out in the garden. Whether you need a birthday gift for your brother, a Christmas gift idea for your dad or a simply treat to say thank you for your uncle, these playing cards by Gentlemen's Hardware are sure to put some heat back in the kitchen ( or BBQ if you will. )


Gentlemen's Hardware BBQ Multi Tool - A Gift For A BBQ Connoisseur

BBQ Multi Tool - Novelty Christmas Gifts For Men

Now this gift is certainly one to give to someone who really likes getting involved in all of the BBQ action. Another brand spanking new gift idea from Gentlemen's Hardware, this BBQ multi tool is a great way to have all of the utensils you need right in one place. If you need a Christmas gift idea for a man in your life then why not go for an item like this one, it will be a gift that will never be forgotten! The best gifts are always the ones that you never thought you needed, and with a fork, corkscrew, bottle opener, spatula and basting brush you cannot go wrong. An ideal gift for your husband, boyfriend, brother or uncle. Get your grill on this summer!

Peggy Wilkins BBQ Tablecloth - Garden Party Accessory

BBQ Tablecloth Accessory

Decorate your outside table for a garden party with this lovely PVC tablecloth from Peggy Wilkins. Keeping with the BBQ theme, this tablecloth features neutral colourations as well as patterns of food and BBQ tools. This may not necessarily be a great gift but it would make a lovely accessory for your outside dining area. Great for garden parties! We thought we would include this item in this blog as the BBQ theme is not one to be missed, its novelty design is brilliant and we think families will love this table cloth from Peggy Wilkins.


If you need some inspiration as to what yummy meals you can make for your BBQ, we have found a variety of different pages on the internet which are easy to access and they contain some delicious recipes that will make your mouth water. Find them below and let us know if you make any of them, we are always eager to find good recipes so let the Gifts from Handpicked team know!

1. One of our favourite websites to find BBQ recipes is the BBC good food website! They have a range of Barbecue recipes that we know you'l love. Whether you are a big foodie or a picky eater, there will be something on this website for you!

2. We all know and love Jamie Oliver, we have also discovered that he has an abundance of BBQ recipes that are perfect for the Barbecue season, find them on his website here.

3. Another great website for yummy recipes that the whole family can enjoy is good housekeeping. Click here to find out more. 

4. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, there is no stopping you from enjoying a tasty BBQ too! We have found this amazing page on Quorn's website which details lots of lovely looking BBQ recipes.

5. There are a lot of shops out there who create their very own recipes and articles dedicated to BBQ's. Although a lot of them looked tempting our favourite out of them all has to be Waitroses website. Find out more here.


We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog, hopefully it has given you some inspiration for BBQ gifts for men. As well as some ideas for mouth watering recipes from a range of different websites. We know that the weather in the UK can be very unpredictable, so it is nice to take advantage of the nice weather and have some lovely BBQ's! They are great ways to enjoy tasty food as well as spending time with friends and family. Enjoy and happy feasting!