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Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts


Have you been invited to a baby shower and looking for the best baby shower gifts? You are in the right place because here at Gifts from Handpicked we have a dedicated shop category for you to choose your present!  It can be very difficult trying to choose a unique gift and we understand this more than anyone. We are confident that you will be able to find the perfect gift that will fit the new mummy's personality while still expressing their individual style.  Wether you choose to buy for the new baby to be, a gift for the mummy to be or both, the gifts we stock are the perfect way to express to someone how much you care and your excitement for the new arrival.

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The baby shower gifts we stock on our website are simply lovely and will make the mum-to-be very happy. Baby shower gifts can be very difficult to buy as you are having to shop on behalf of a child that hasn’t even been born yet. Other occasions we provide gifts for are not as troublesome as baby showers, but we still make the shopping as easy as possible. At Gifts From Handpicked, we aim to take the stress out of the gift-selection process.


Baby showers have become a tradition, so finding the perfect baby shower gift will be an essential part of this occasion. We have compiled a huge range of different gifts for you to choose from. The majority of the items we stock come in different colour ranges, therefore suiting boys and girls or if the sex is a surprise we have neutral offerings! We stock some very sentimental gifts such as photo frames to hold images of the new bundle of joy and boxes for keepsakes. We have thought of everything an expectant mother would ever need, including money pots to aid with the strain on the mother’s finances. Obviously, it is a very hard task trying to choose the perfect gift. If you are struggling to pick one item out of our huge range of baby shower gifts, there is also the option of a Gifts From Handpicked gift voucher. This gives the expectant parents the opportunity to choose something they would like for their newborn, relieving the stress for you. 

Whatever you choose we wish you a great afternoon or evening at your Baby Shower.  We are reading about afternoon teas, garden parties and fun parties with games.  So eat lots of cake and enjoy knowing that it won't be long until new baby cuddles!