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Apples to Pears - Gifts for Children and More! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Apples to Pears - Gifts for Children and More! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

The Apples to Pears range from Widdop Gifts is the most wonderful selection of novelty gift ideas that we know you'll love. With so much variety to choose from you can gift these tins for all different occasions, whether it be a birthday, or a Christmas stocking filler, these gifts in a tin are super unique way to gift your loved ones something special.

Our selection of Apples to Pears are great gift ideas for teenagers and children, why not gift one of these gifts in a tin to someone who is going to become a new big brother or sister. You could even gift one as a gift to entertain children at a wedding, the possibilities are endless!

Apples to Pears were created as novelty gifts in a tin that can be gifted easily to recipients. Explore some of our favourite apples to pears gifts in a tin on our website today!

Gifts for Children - Apples to Pears


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In this line up we have some apples to pears gift ideas that are great for children. Perhaps you need a child's birthday gift idea or a gift to give someone as a congratulations on becoming a new big brother or big sister. There is plenty to choose from when it comes to apples to pears. 

1. Apples to Pears Petal The Unicorn Sewing Kit - If you want to expand your little ones creativity, why not go ahead and purchase them this wonderful sewing kit from apples to pears. This novelty gift in a tin has everything you need to sew together an adorable Unicorn. A great birthday gift idea for those little ones who love their cuddly friends.

2. Apples to Pears Tractor in a Tin - Does your little one love tractors? If so this build your own tractor kit from apples to pears is a great option. Especially if you need a reward or a unique Christmas stocking filler from Santa. In this gift set you can build your very own tractor, with all the parts and building instructions for your little one to enjoy themselves. And afterwards, they have their very own tractor that they can play with!

3. Apples to Pears Butterflies and Bees Sun Catcher Kit - With this beautiful kit from apples to pears you can create your very own sun catcher for your little ones room. Keep your little one occupied with all the pieces they need for a wonderful and pretty sun catcher. A lovely gift idea to granddaughters from their grandparents, you will be their favourite for sure!

4. Apples to Pears Miniature Tea Party Set - Let your child enjoy their very own tea party with this miniature tea party set from apples to pears. Everything dotty and spotty is included in this miniature tea set, simply set it up at home and be amazed at all of the imaginary tea parties you can have with your family and friends. The most lovely Christmas gift idea for children and more.

5. Apples to Pears Mini Mechanic Gift in a Tin - Does your little one want to be a mechanic when they grow up? If so, why not gift them this brilliant mini mechanic gift in a tin from apples to pears. Inside this gift set you have all the parts and pieces you need to create 3 different models. To include two vehicles and a plane! If you need something interesting to keep your children entertained, whether it be at Christmas time or during an important event, this mechanic gift in a tin is a great option.

6. Apples to Pears Sewing Hedgehog Kit - Perhaps your child is less likely to want to sew a Unicorn, how about some Hedgehogs instead? This wonderful gift set includes the plush bodies, stuffing, a plastic needle, thread and instructions. Go ahead and create the most adorable Hedgehog and a Hoglet with this mini gift in a tin. A great way to teach your youngling some fabulous creativity skills. 

Other Apples to Pears Gift Ideas

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Although a lot of our apples to pears gift ideas would make the perfect Christmas stocking filler, birthday or new big brother and big sister gift idea for children, we also have some options for adults too!

1. Apples to Pears Build A Bee Hotel Gift in a Tin - Bring some wildlife into your garden this year with this easy and simple to build bee hotel from apples to pears. This gorgeous bee hotel has everything you need to create a safe and friendly place for your buzzing friends, watch them hurry to your garden in no time. A lovely birthday gift idea for bee enthusiasts.

2. Apples to Pears Motorbike Model Gift in a Tin - Do you love classic motorbikes? Or maybe you know someone that does. Why not make their day with this classic motorbike gift in a tin set from apples to pears. This gift set includes everything you need to create the fantastic model, when you are done you can display it in your home! A great and unique Christmas gift idea for your Dad, Brother or Uncle.

3. Apples to Pears Gardening Odds and Sods Gift in a Tin - We know that this gardening gift set would make a great Mothers Day gift idea. If your Mum has a green thumb, why not gift her this fantastic gift set. Never have a gardening mishap again with this unique tin gift. Let your gardening experience be the best it can be with this gift set, shop all gifts for women here!

4. Apples to Pears On the Rocks Gift Set - Take your drinking experience to a whole new level with these granite ice rocks and stirrer from apples to pears. Whether you fancy a cool gin, a vodka or a whisky, these ice rocks will be sure to keep your drink cool and tasty all evening. A wonderful Christmas stocking filler idea or a celebratory new job gift.


Apples to Pears are a great and novelty way to give your loved ones something special. No matter the occasion, we can guarantee that you will find the perfect gift idea in our apples to pears selection. As they are so compact they are easy to gift and they happen to be super affordable too! So why not have a look through this blog and see if we can find you a great gift from apples to pears. We know you'll love their unique gift ideas just as much as we do!