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An End of Term Gift: The Perfect Way to Say Thank You to a Special Teacher

We’re not far off from end of term and the beginning of the Summer holidays. If you want to say a special thanks to a teacher in your school for all the work they’ve done, there are plenty of ways to do it.

Teachers are often ignored as the great unsung heroes in today’s society. The truth is that a really good teacher will strongly influence someone’s future. Great educators are more than just a collection of facts and whiteboard scribblers, however. They enthuse, they care, they impart knowledge, they allow us to fulfil our dreams and meet our potential.

We all know that education is important. As Dr Seuss was fond of saying:

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you will go.”

Most of us have a favourite teacher. As we get older, we probably remember less about what they actually taught us and more about who they were.

Star Trek and X-Men actor Patrick Stewart was influenced by his English teacher who got him into Shakespeare and actually paid for his first acting class. Maya Angelou credits her teacher, Mrs Flowers, for instilling a love of poetry and reading. Bill Gates say that his maths and drama teachers were instrumental in his future success.

For many of us who won’t go onto a stellar career in the full glare of the celebrity limelight, teachers still play a pivotal role. Ask your friends and family and they’ll probably talk about at least one teacher at school who helped them over a difficult period or had a positive impact on their life.

What Makes a Great Teacher?

It’s tempting to say that great teachers are born but that’s really not true. They work extremely hard to deliver education to a wide range of different pupils, developing their skills as they gain experience. The one underpinning trait they need, however, is passion.

Great teachers form strong relationships with their students and are the sort of people who tend not to give up. They’ll encourage and support but they’ll also find new and interesting ways to get pupils engaged.

You may have had a child that was struggling in maths until that special teacher came along and it all suddenly became clear. Perhaps there have been issues at home and one teacher took the time to find out what was wrong and helped to provide solutions.

The only thing that we can say is that great teachers come in all shapes and sizes and without their impact on our lives we’d be so much the poorer.

How to Thank Your Teacher

In truth, most teachers don’t look for plaudits from pupils or their parents. Often the only reward is seeing a child succeed at a particular subject and going on to make a success of their life. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the effort to say thank you when you can. End of term is a really great time to do this.

You can thank teachers in a variety of ways and it doesn’t have to be overcomplicated or gushy. A small gift like a bookmark from our bestselling East of India range would be a small token but say thank you in the best way possible.


Another great gift idea we do for children leaving school is the popular end of term autograph book, with spacious pages for information on your child’s childhood friends.


And…don’t forget we do back to school cards for those little wants starting reception! A little pick me up card for the most amazing, yet terrifying day at big school.

Or maybe a ‘best teacher’ award would treat them like the hero they are. Even a little note or card saying how much you appreciate their efforts is also special.

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