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All About Fabulous Foxes | Gifts from Handpicked

All About Fabulous Foxes | Gifts from Handpicked

Foxes are one of the most wonderful animals that this world has to offer, and in the British countryside you are likely to see one or two of their vibrant auburn tails trailing through the night. Where there is a rustling bush or food nearby there is a fox prowling, their gorgeous beady eyes and soft pointy ears are enough to make you completely fall in love with this magnificent animal. 

Due to the nature of these fantastic mammals and their simply stunning colours, Foxes have become a popular trend to use as an artistic design for homeware and gift ideas. As we have recently created a category in our current trends page which includes the most amazing Fox themed gifts, it only seemed fitting to dedicate an entire blog post to this beautiful animal that we all know and love. 

Fun Facts About Foxes You May Not Know!

1. Did you know that Foxes, unlike wolves, are very solitary animals. Wolves tend to hunt in packs whereas Foxes hunt on their own!

2. A female Fox is called a Vixen, a male Fox is called a dog Fox, this is due to the Fox being a member of the dog family.

3. A group of Foxes is called a skulk or a leash.

4. Foxes have whiskers on their face and legs which helps them explore places, these whiskers assist Foxes in navigating around woodland areas in the dark.

5. Foxes live underground to protect their young and hide from predators, these homes underground are called dens!

6. Even though Foxes come from the dog family they are actually more like cats than dogs. Their retractable claws and vertical eyes make them have more similar features to cats.

7. The red Fox is the most common breed, if you see a Fox in the British countryside it will more than likely be a red Fox.

8. Foxes make 40 different sounds! Each one is completely unique and can mean many different things. 

9. Foxes have incredible hearing, they can hear up to 40 yards away!

10. Foxes are surprisingly quick, they can run up to 30 miles per hour to catch prey and to also escape predators. 

Why Are Foxes So Popular?

At Gifts from Handpicked we have seen an increasing amount of products that involve the delightful design of the almighty fantastic Fox, and to be honest we are not surprised! We are constantly watching and looking at the latest trends, whether it be homeware, kitchen and dining accessories or even clothing accessories, there has definitely been a surge in Fox themed products that have entered the market and we LOVE it. If you have a neutral themed home why not add some colour with our fantastic Fox themed range or if you are more into colourful rooms why not make them extra vibrant with the orange and red ensembles that adorn our collection.

I think we can all agree in saying that red and orange colours reflect the beauty of Autumn, this could be one of the main reasons people love Foxes so much, their stunning fur certainly does make them stand out. Not to mention their adorable faces that replicate a fluffy toy animal, I wouldn't try and cuddle a Fox though, no matter how cute they look! 

Here are some of our favourite Fox themed products which you can find in our current trends section, from face coverings which are perfect for everyday wear, Christmas glass baubles, winter scarves to keep you warm and a door stop which would make a gorgeous home accessory. To include award winning brands from Wrendale Designs, Container Group Gifts and Wax Lyrical you simply cannot go wrong with our collection. Which product is your favourite? Let us know!