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Where Did Easter Eggs Come From? | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Where Did Easter Eggs Come From? | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

The meaning of Easter eggs originates from the Christian calendar and the meaning of Jesus' crucifixion. This is reflected in the egg as they represent new life, to include Chickens being born from the egg itself. Eggs are also shown throughout history as being given as gifts to mark the seasons. There are so many reasons as to why eggs represent the Spring season, some even say that Easter eggs have become a custom as they were a forbidden food during Lent, people would paint and decorate the eggs at the end of Lent as an end of an era. Some Christians also believe that the shape of the Easter Egg represents the rolling of the stone in which Jesus arose from the tomb. 

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Easter eggs are also a massive part of this season as they were seen as back in the day they were seen to be a prized piece, this is because during the winter Hens laid few to no eggs. When the Spring season came around the look of eggs being produced was a huge celebration during Easter. They were very highly valued and offered a luxury item to families all around the world! They were even used as payment sometimes due to their value.

In Germany, the tradition of Easter eggs and going on Easter egg hunts comes from a folklore tale of Osterhase, an egg laying Hare which would deliver eggs in peoples gardens for the children to find in the morning. Although most people believe that eggs come from Chickens, this mythical tale explains that chocolate eggs come from this mysterious creature that visits.

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Whether you are religious and love the symbolism around the Easter egg, there is no doubt in our mind that chocolate makes up a huge part of the Easter egg in modern day society. When you visit the supermarket around Spring time you are often inundated with a huge choice of chocolate eggs, from brands such as Cadburys, Nestle and many more! It makes our mouths salivate just thinking about the delicious flavours that these companies bring out year after year. Did you know that the modern day Easter egg was first created by Cadburys in 1875. The production of the chocolate egg capitalised on the idea of eggs during Easter time and all of us folk seemed to love it, and all these years later we still do! Despite them being extremely delicious and us often being greedy into having them, we should never forget about where they came from or the meaning behind them. 

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How about decorating eggs? Throughout Christianity eggs have been known to be painted, decorated and dyed for all sorts of reasons. The main reason being that eggs were cheap to buy and they made an easy decoration for celebrating Easter time. Some stories of decorating eggs come from the story of the Virgin Mary, who brought eggs to the soldiers and her tears stained them red. Which is why many Christians began to decorate Easter eggs in the first place. In Germany it was also tradition that eggs were painted green the day before Good Friday and hung onto trees for a lovely display. 

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