Hello May! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

13 May 2022

Hello May! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Why Is May Such A Celebratory Month?

We don't know about you, but here at Gifts from Handpicked we absolutely adore the month of May. You can really start to feel Summer around the corner in May, with the warmer and longer days, flowers blooming, holidays starting and more. May is celebrated so much that there is even a day for it! The 1st of May represents May Day, the celebrations are thrown to symbolise the Spring season in the northern hemisphere. Traditions for the May Day parade include dancing around a maypole, food and drink stalls, giving gifts and of course, announcing a May King and Queen! Towns and cities all around the UK celebrate May Day in all sorts of ways, with street parties, village hall parties and even charity events. The sense of unity around May Day is simply wonderful and a delightful way to enter the warmer months of the year. What did you do this May Day?

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Did you know that there are lots of national days in May, some of them you may never of heard of, we know we haven't! But they are celebrated and respected all around the UK. This includes a screen free week which occurs from the 2nd of May - 8th of May, which exercises the right to get rid of all the social media and screens. Did you know that May also celebrates international firefighters day, as well as deaf awareness week and national doughtnut day! Oh did we also mention Star Wars Day, may the fourth be with you! There is a day for everything in the month of May, to include important causes that need awareness as well as novelty days to do with food and drink. So get celebrating in the month of May, there is so much to do and get excited about.

As we go into the warmer months of the year it is time to start thinking about the wonderful events and activities that are becoming apparent. We know for certain that if the weather is warmer and more welcoming, we are more likely to go outside and take on activities. Here are some great ideas for activities and events that you can take part in for the month of May!

1. Virgin Experience Days - Check out Virgin experience days on their website, they have a huge range of days out and experiences that will be sure to get you out of your house, and possibly even your comfort zone! These can include epic family adventures and quiet retreats for those who fancy it. And with flexible booking and exchanges, you simply cannot go wrong with a Virgin experience day.

2. How about travelling to the capital of London and having a look at their many wonders, there is a multitude of wonderful art galleries which are waiting to be seen. To include the work of Frida and Diego which is being illuminated through imagery, sounds and patterns that greatly inspired the Mexican duo. 

3. Fancy a challenge? Why not take on one of England's strangest races ever! The Tetbury Woolsack race dates back to the 17th century and the aim of the race is to run up a very steep hill with a heavy sack of wool on your back. One you reach the top you then have to pass the sack onto a team mate as they lug the sack of wool back down the hill. If this sounds like your sort of thing then why not give it a go! Or alternatively you can go and watch this madness unfold before your very eyes. 

4. If you need a bit of musical therapy in May, why not take yourself off to a festival. In the month of May there is a Dot to Dot festival which is hosted in Nottingham and Bristol, to comprise of wonderful indie bands and alternative music. 

5. Are you a big foodie like all of us here at Gifts from Handpicked? Then haven't we got some news for you! There is an abundance of food and drink festivals which are raring to go. From Shropshire, Alcester, Witney, there is so many places in the UK which you can go to in May. To include a variety of food and drinks from all around the UK which you can try, and it makes for a great day out!

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Whatever you are doing in the month of May, we hope it is exciting! We also hope that this blog post has given you some inspiration, whether you go on an experience day or simply want to enjoy the may day celebrations, we are sure that it'll be a lot of fun. Enjoy the lovely weather as it may not stay that long ( we do live in the UK after all ) and enjoy the little things. 

Happy May! From the team at Gifts from Handpicked x 





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