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25 February 2022

Flowers Based On Your Birth Month | Gifts from Handpicked Blog


The designated flowers for the birth month January are Carnations and Snowdrops, how pretty! Carnations are widely known for their spicy fragrance and Snowdrops are known for their unique design, with a drooping feature which can be seen on a winters morning. Did you know that Carnations represent a Mother's love, which is why people buy them especially for Mother's Day, the perfect beautiful gift. Snowdrops are also known for their symbolism to hope and beauty, once a meaning for sympathy and grief is now a flower shown to be full of promise.

Snow Drops


Violets and Primrose represent February with their gorgeous colourations and full of fun display. Violets express modesty, faithfulness, everlasting love and innocence. Primrose were once believed to transport you to the magical world of Fairies back in the day, so why not pick one and see if you can land yourself in wonderland!



The flowers that represents March is the gorgeous Daffodil,  a unique flower that we all know and love around the springtime.  As Daffodils come into play at Spring time, they are known to represent new beginnings and birth which is why they are perfect for Easter, as they show the first signs of the glorious season. 



April time brings out Daisies and the stunning Sweet Pea, known for expressing purity and love. As well as their gorgeous scent that can be known from all around the world! Fun fact, Sweet Peas can actually represent a goodbye, as Shakespeare used them in one of his plays.

DaisiesSweet Pea


Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn are the chosen flowers for the wonderful month of may. Lily of the Valley are known for their sweet scent, and the flower itself represents humility and return to happiness. The perfect flower to give to a loved one! Now for Hawthorns, these simplistic flowers represent hope and happiness will be sure to make you smile.

HawthornsLily of the Valley


June is one of the most loveliest times of the year, so it only makes sense that Roses are the designated flower for this month. Offering the most gorgeous scent, and a range of beautiful colours, you can never go wrong with a Rose. Did you know that different colours of Rose's mean different things? A pink Rose means happiness, a red Rose represents love, a white Rose signifies purity and innocence, whilst a yellow rose displays jealousy!



The July birth flower is a delightful Water Lily, representing purity and majesty. They can also display peace in a garden, which is why a lot of people use them on their ponds. Not to mention they deter algae and offer shade for fish and frogs. 

Water Lily


Did you know that the August birth flowers are Poppies and Gladiolus! August displays a multitude of stunning flowers, and these two are just the tip of the iceberg. The Gladiolus or 'sword lily' is meant to show remembrance, calm and integrity. The name Gladiolus means pierced with love! And for Poppies, their colour displays a different meaning. A red Poppy means pleasure, a white Poppy means consolation and a yellow Poppy shows wealth and success. 

PoppiesSword Lily


The September birth flower is an Aster, to some they may look like a colourful Daisy. But the Aster is actually a stunning flower which comes around in late Summer and early Autumn. Asters are mainly symbols of positivity and powerful love. 



There is no wonder that Octobers birth flowers are Marigolds and Cosmos, with their warmth in colour and leaf like petals, they simply represent everything we love about this month. Traditionally Marigolds signify despair and grief over a loved one, however now a days the cheerful flower displays sunrays or the path that guides the person that has departed. Cosmos are a symbol of peace and serenity, the word originally comes from Greek, meaning harmony of the world. This is reflected in the simplicity and beauty of this flower.

Cosmo FlowerMarigold


The birth flower for the month of November is a Chrysanthemum, the perfect Autumnal flower that can be seen in decor all around. As this flower is native to Asia their symbolism originates back to the birth place, in Japan there is a festival of happiness which surrounds this gorgeous flower! They are known to be a symbol of youth as well as the sun which is expressed in their enveloped petals. 



The wonderful month of December is full of hope and festivities, which is why these two beautiful flowers, the Narcissus and Holly are the perfect flowers for the season. Holly is seen all over the world in the month of December, as it symbolises the Christmas period as well as domestic happiness. Where as the Narcissus displays hope and when given to someone it represents that you want them to stay just the way they are. 



So, what month were you born in? And what do you think of your birth flower, they represent a lot of aspects that we did not know about! Either way, all of these flowers are beautiful and we love them all no matter what month it is, and we hope that you love them too!

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