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Be Back To School Ready! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Be Back To School Ready! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Whether you need some back to school accessories for yourself or perhaps you want to treat your little one to some new school gear, we have everything to get you prepared for the new school year. Our back to school shop will be sure to have everything you need, with fabulous and helpful stationery accessories as well as pieces to assist you at lunchtime, to include award winning brands such as Mustard, Wrendale Designs, Rachel Ellen and more, you simply cannot go wrong with our collection. 


Lunchtime Accessories!

lunch accessories for back to school

Apart from breakfast of course, lunch is one of the most important meals of the day, you need to make sure you stay well fed and hydrated whilst you are busy learning and taking in all that new knowledge. You also need an effective and useful way to store those delicious lunch time treats. At Gifts from Handpicked we pride ourselves in finding the best gift ideas and products that we think will make others smile, we believe that all of these items are the perfect gift idea for a child who is going back to school, revamp their collection and make sure they have the coolest lunch ware accessories. 

We have a wide range of lunch bags and water bottles, each to suit your style and taste, however I have picked out a few of our favourite that we think would make the perfect product for lunch time. The first image on the left shows a wonderful eco friendly lunch bag, which is good for you and the environment! Made from sustainable materials and with an insulated material to complete, this ECP Designs paper lunch bag isn't just any ordinary lunch bag, it is a cool lunch bag. With a handy zip to match and trendy writing on the front, anyone can use this lunch bag to their advantage, however we believe that this bag in particular would make a brilliant gift to a teenager starting secondary school, or perhaps they are going up in the years! 

Moving along, the next image displays a Harry Potter themed sippy bottle, for all you Hogwarts crazy wizards out there. The reason we love this bottle so much is the fact that from a distance it could look like an ordinary bottle to some, however at the bottom of this bottle you will be amazed, as if by magic, as it has a screw on snack pot. Simply put your favourite treats in this compartment and you have a drinks bottle and a snack holder in one! How cool is that. Decorated with each of the Hogwarts houses you can feel like a real wizarding genius whilst you are at school, if that doesn't give you motivation I don't know what will! This bottle doesn't just have to be for school use either, it would make a simply delightful gift for a Harry Potter fan. 

Another great water bottle that we absolutely love is the collection of Wrendale junior water bottles, they have the same great aspects as the big water bottles from Wrendale however they are smaller in size which makes them ideal for children in primary school, or even as a compact accessory to your school bag. They come complete in 6 beautiful designs which are illustrated by award winning artist Hannah Dale, each design features a lovely animal that we know your little one would love. Our personal favourite is the tantalizing turtle design which is teal in colour and has the most wonderful imagery, to include gorgeous detailing too. This bottle is definitely a show off piece for your lunch box. 

The final item that we think is an essential for any back to schooler is this simply beautiful lunch bag from the Sass and Belle collection. Anyone can see that this Bumblebee design lunch bag is eye catching, with vibrant colourations of yellow you cannot help but smile at this wonderful little lunch bag. This lunch bag could motivate you to become as busy as those lovely little bumblebees! Made from a foldable material and insulated within you can be sure that your lunch time meal will stay fresh and tasty all day long, you can even fold this bag up when you are done with it for easy accessibility. What more could you want from a lunch bag?


Stationery Galore!

Back to school gift ideas

Now we could talk about our stationery collection for hours! Our collection is vast and includes a variety of products that are great to include in your pencil case and school bag. If you are looking for a great back to school gift idea then you will definitely find something in our range. From notebooks, to pen pots, sticky notes, planners and more, create the most colourful and wonderful collection of stationery by exploring our shop. 

Above is just a selection of the wonderful stationery pieces that we sell at Gifts from Handpicked, as you can see they are full with colour and excitement, a perfect pick me up for the back to school season. 

A wonderful way to organise your school work, whether it be homework or your own studies, is a notebook or a weekly planner. We all use them here at Gifts from Handpicked and find them extremely useful in motivating us for the week. If you are looking for something that is set out in a way that you can organise yourself in the best way possible then we would recommend this Rachel Ellen Bee themed hardback weekly planner Open this weekly planner and you will find a sheet of gold foil stickers which you can use to label or decorate this planner with, on the next page there are two folder sections for you to keep any important receipts and bits and bobs. Carry on exploring this fantastic planner to discover a weekly planner section which has space for you to plan your week right from Monday to Sunday, keep turning to find a to do section which includes space for the date, things to do, notes and a must not forget section. Keep in your school bag as an essential item so you can never forget anything again!

Who said stationery had to be boring? Update your pencil case with this delightful lime dinosaur themed highlighter from the quirky and award winning brand Mustard. Open up this T-Rex to reveal a bright yellow highlighter that you can use to mark important and useful pieces of information, whether it be an essay, homework or even a newspaper, this highlighter will be sure to assist you through your school or work day. Simply keep this lime coloured highlighter on your desk, this way you will always have a highlighter near for you to use. All of your family and friends are guaranteed to love this lovely stationery accessory. 

Next up we have a glorious sausage dog sticky note pad from The Art File, with six unique designs you can customise your notes with three coloured page markers and three standard sticky notes with a polka dot and sausage dog design! Simply stick these notes in your notebook or on your desk to help you remember important points from lessons. These sticky notes make a wonderful revision gift idea and an even better back to school accessory. Shop these sticky notes here!

Keep your pens and pencils all in one place with this cactus themed pen holder from MustardCreating an organised and free working space becomes effortless with this brightly coloured organising pot,  it has a textured outer body with two extending and magnetic arms. Reduce clutter by popping paperclips and pins on to one arm, looping rubber bands on to the other and popping pens into the main compartment. The vibrant pop of green adds a dash of personality to the most mundane of school environments with a novel design that promises to bring a smile to your face. A great gift for anyone looking to organise their stationery. 

Planners and organisers are great, but sometimes we just need a plain notebook for jotting down notes, doodling and even creating plans. To carry on with the Bumblebee themed products this Padblocks lined notebook is a wonderful essential piece to keep in your school bag. Featuring 80 sheets of lined paper with a plastic cover which comprises of a stunning bustle of bumbling bees, what is not to love? This ring bound notebook would make an ideal gift to a student or teenager for the school term, after all everyone needs a notebook! 

To finish this blog post I have included another set of sticky post it notes, as you can never have enough! These ones definitely come with a unique design, from the novelty brand Mustard these post it notes are designed with Pinata imagery that is expressed through variations of colour, you can be sure to never lose attention with these sticky notes. The perfect accessory for your desk; doodle, write and create notes with these funky post it notes from Mustard. Use these sticky notes to remember important appointments and dates, to keep you in the know simply stick these around your desk area, on your computer or somewhere to remind you!


And there you have it! I hope this blog post has given you some insight into what some great back to school essentials are, we have a full collection of back to school gift ideas which you can explore. Remember that if you spend over £50 with us you will receive free next day delivery, and when you sign up for our newsletter you get 10% off your first order.

Happy Shopping! From all the team at Gifts from Handpicked x