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18th to 70th Birthday Gift Ideas | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

18th to 70th Birthday Gift Ideas | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Celebrating birthdays is one of our favourite things to do, especially when they are milestone birthdays. However it can be hard to know what to buy someone who has hit an 18th, 21st, 30th and so on. Apart from the stereotypical presents of alcohol and flowers, what else can you gift someone? 

From light up jars, photo albums, birthday cards and candles, here at Gifts from Handpicked we love finding unique gift ideas. No matter the occasion it is great to find gifts that are always going to surprise the recipient and make them smile. 

But why do we celebrate milestone birthdays? And why do they mean so much to us all? 

Milestone birthdays are almost like gateways to different parts of our life, from being a baby, to a toddler, teenager and then an adult! They are important as it gives us chance to reflect on our lives and what we have achieved. People also celebrate milestone birthdays as we can legally do different things when we turn a certain age. For example, on your 17th birthday you are legally allowed to learn how to drive, on your 18th you can legally drink! And on your 21st birthday you can legally drink in the United States of America. 

From bidding goodbye to your twenties, to saying hello to your fifties, birthdays will always be such an exciting time in everybody's lives. 

Discover 18th - 70th birthday gift ideas below in our ultimate milestone birthday gift guide!

Light Up Somebody's Life With Our Birthday Light Up Jars

Light Up Jars For Milestone Birthdays

What better way to celebrate somebody's birthday than with one of these stunning light up jars from Xpressions Gifts. We have a range of these wonderful jars, finished with cork lids, and led light up features which offer a stunning display. Display any of these jars in the home for a gorgeous ambience and a rememberable gift that you can look back on as you get older. Did you know that we also offer a gift wrapping service on our shop? Why not go for this option to make this milestone birthday even extra special.

Milestone Birthday Candles from East of India

East of India Birthday Candles

If you need a gift for someone who is turning 21 or 18 then these candles from East of India are the perfect present. Displayed in a gorgeously made gift box with the age on the front of it, the candle itself is also in a tin holder and offers two stunning scents of lemon & thyme and black pomegranate. What better way to celebrate a birthday, and at the end of the day everybody loves a candle!

How About A Lovely Birthday Photo Album?

Milestone Birthday Photo Albums

The best way to remember any significant birthday is with photographs! Whether you have gone out for dinner, went out partying or simply stayed at home with your family. The best memories are made and remembered with the pictures we take. Why not have the special photos printed from your birthday and keep them in one of these lovely photo albums from Widdop. We have a variety of these photo albums and they come in lots of beautiful designs. Gift a friend or family member for their 40th, 18th or 50th birthday as a stunning keepsake. You can then look back on these photo albums at some of your best birthdays! A brilliant gift idea for a milestone birthday.

Add A Birthday Card To The Mix

Wrendale Designs Birthday Cards

If you are looking at getting a birthday present for someone it is only right that you also get them a birthday card! We absolutely love these two from Wrendale Designs, with one to include a wonderful Giraffe design and other to feature an adorable Guinea Pig. Which ever one you choose we can guarantee that it will get a smile from the recipient. If you are just here for the cake or simply hoping that the birthday person has a great day, say it with one of these fantastic cards from Wrendale Designs. Pair it with one of the milestone birthday items as discussed for the perfect birthday gift idea. 

Celebrate birthdays in the best way possible with our range of birthday gift ideas, especially those milestone ones that matter. And if you want to find more from our website, to include gifts for all occasions and all recipients, as well as home and garden accessories, simply click here!